Writing Liberated by Love, Finding Truth Beyond Lies and Pain came about over a period of years, starting with writing essays and articles for two small weekly newspapers. My husband and I had experienced a major crisis in our marriage and in our business in 2007 and had gone through counseling with our pastors to save our marriage. For the first time in more than twenty-five years, I faced the past I had kept hidden of having had three abortions in my first marriage, realizing that I still was carrying anger, grief and guilt from the trauma of losing my children.

Afterward, I tentatively began to write and speak out in defense of life and wrote to expose the lies women were being told by the abortion industry and feminism. With the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I was able to write powerfully and truthfully. I spent several years as a post-abortion counselor at a pregnancy center but was frustrated at reaching so few people with my testimony.

Giving the glory to God for His healing of Crohn’s disease and abortion in articles gradually changed into a vision for a book, but serious work on the manuscript did not happen for years. At the Colorado Christian Writers Convention in 2016, I was awarded the first prize for my eight-hundred-word prose essay in the non-published category on my personal experience with abortion. Being recognized by this distinguished group gave me confidence and introduced me to Peter Lundell, who ended up editing my book.

Although I had been through abortion healing groups and counseling with my pastor, writing about my past was an emotional experience with many tears. I had been in denial about my past for so many years that a torrent of emotions came that seemed would never end. With the love of my husband and the encouragement of friends, I finally signed a publishing contract in 2019 and went through final editing with Trilogy Christian Publishing. My book was released on March 19, 2021.

Having been a biology major in college, I had done little creative writing. A friend once told me that God could teach someone the skill of writing if he had the passion, but that skill alone would not make up for lack of passion. I learned enough of the skill to finish after much editing and rewriting. Now my greatest desire is that people see Jesus as the answer to their lives also, because He changed me and saved me and my children from a very dark, lost place.