Along with thousands of other women in the ’60s, Candy was swept along by the women’s movement, unprepared for the attack on everything she believed to be true as she entered a small teachers’ college in the mountains of North Carolina in the fall of 1961.

The feminist rhetoric sounded good yet pitted her against the very nature of a man—his masculinity and his desire to provide for her and protect her. “I can take care of myself,” she defiantly proclaimed. Reaping the lies of the sexual revolution and a failed marriage, wounded and broken, Candy found herself alone with two children to raise, carrying a dark secret of shame and regret.

When Candy found the answer to her heart’s cry to be truly liberated—and to be loved unconditionally and unreservedly—she also found healing and deliverance out of the lies she had believed for so many years. Finally, she was able to love, respect, and honor one special and imperfect man, the man who finally found her and pledged his love to her and her two children.

This is a story of overcoming the past, of restoration and redemption, and of finding the truth that sets us all free.